Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting started with the Paleo Diet Plan

What are the key concepts of the Paleo Diet Meal Plan Framework?

    Concept #1 – Your body was meant to efficiently utilize different sources of food for energy and survival.  Your body is naturally efficient at this process.  Your body is meant to ingest certain foods and will handle these foods optimally.  Other synthetic “foods” are simply tolerated by the body but if consumed consistently will alter your body chemistry in a negative manner.
    Concept #2 – Our Paleolithic ancestors were lean and fit because they relied totally on eating a Paleo Diet of fresh, organic meats, vegetables, fruits and plants, nuts and seeds.  Things like high fructose corn syrup did not exist.  There weren’t any boxes of cereal on store shelves nor was there any kind of highly processed foods available.
    Concept #3 – Eating highly processed and high sugar foods on a consistent basis will cause a spike in blood insulin levels can lead to your body becoming a fat storing machine rather than a fat burning machine.
    Concept #4 – When modern agriculture started to flourish around 10,000 years ago, life expectancy dropped and did not increase again until the discovery of modern medicine.

What are the key assumptions of the Paleo Diet Meal Plan Framework?

    Assumption #1 – Our modern diets that rely heavily on grains like soy, wheat and corn have lead to a malnourished global society.  Never in our history on earth have we had to fight against so many chronic illnesses such as obesity, heart disease, type II diabetes, cancer and a host of other diseases.
    Assumption #2 – If you stop eating a diet that consists of mostly processed, grain based foods your body would not be in a constant state of increased blood insulin levels and would be able to burn fat for fuel efficiently and effectively.  Your body would not be in a constant state of inflammation and you would decrease your risk of the diseases mentioned above.
    Assumption #3 – A Paleo Diet Meal Plan consists of foods that do not spike insulin levels in the body.  Paleo foods such as organic meat, vegetables, nuts and healthy oils.  Therefore, your body burns glycogen and fat to give you energy instead of force feeding your fat cells and causing them to grow larger.

What are the key values of the Paleo Diet Meal Plan Framework?

    Value #1 – Optimal Health and Vitality.  You’re never low on energy.  You can play in that pick-up sports game or play with your kids because you have consistent energy levels.  You are healthy and vibrant.  You don’t have drastic mood swings from sugar induced highs and lows.
    Value #2 – Longevity.  Getting all you can out of your body without falling ill with diabetes, cancer or heart disease.
    Value #3 – Enjoying Your Food.  You view food as a source of energy and fuel for your body.  Your body is a fine tuned machine that deserves the best fuel possible.  This is great because the foods that are best for you actually taste the best… you just might not realize it because of years of ingesting chemicals and other synthetic food sources not found on the Paleo Food List.

What are the key practices of the Paleo Diet Meal Plan Framework?

    Practice #1 – Eat foods that are found on the Paleo Food List.  Focus on eating meals that consist of a large helping of vegetables and a good sized portion of quality meat protein.  Eat plenty of healthy fats from sources like avocados, almonds and olive oil.
    Practice #2 – Eat when you’re hungry not when you think you “should” eat.  There’s no reason to force feed yourself with six small meals a day.  Listen to your body.  If you’re not hungry… you’re not hungry.
    Practice #3 – Follow a sensible exercise regiment and have fun with it.  Be active.  Move your body.  Don’t spend countless hours in front of the TV or computer.  Get outside.
    Practice #4 – Enjoy your food!  I know it’s a repeat but you need to understand that there is nothing restricting about following a Paleo Diet Meal Plan.  There are so many great foods that can be combined in all sorts of ways to produce delicious results.  There are even desert recipes that are absolutely delicious and won’t cause you to have a sugar crash after eating them.  Get a quality Paleo Cookbook and start experimenting…. have fun!


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